Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Saturday, July 14


So I've been trying to get my yearbook (a photobook I make online every year and then print in January) up-to-date. I wrote a page about Hanford and Richland since I've lived here this summer. And then I have a page of pictures of the B-Reactor tour. Since the pictures were low quality and the paint colors was decidedly non-chic, I decided to give them a sort of retro feel by sharpening them. Then I wrote a poem to go with the photos. What do you guys think? Is it too corny is it funny?

Three interns visit B-Reactor,
Can you spell disaster?

Here's Faith, Nina, and Megan,
The tour's begun!

Megan took to controlling
With little cajoling

Whilst Nina and Faith
Unloaded nuclear waste.

But when an intern slipped
A red lever was tripped

And we heard someone shout
"Take the Evacuation Route!"