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Tuesday, August 14

Hats and Wigs

Hey everyone! I am back! The first thing I did, before laundry or unloading the cooler, was arrange my wigs and new hats in my bedroom. That's obsession for you. And by popular demand, I have pictures of my collection. Let's start by taking a look at the four wigs and a few favorite hats:

The gray cloche with the cutouts is my newest hat. We were in Denver last Saturday having a Titanic Day: a visit to Molly Brown's house, the Titanic IMAX movie, and Titanic museum exhibit. Of course, I felt I needed a new hat for the occasion. After all, this is the Titanic. Scott, feeling secure in the knowledge that I had no idea where to find a vintage hat store in Denver, promised to buy me a hat if I found one. We walked into the Molly Brown house gift shop and right into a wall of elaborate period hats. I was in raptures. Scott was in tears. The gray cloche is the result.

Here is how the hats are arrayed along my bedroom wall:

This is a sign that Scott bought for me, along with 8 hats hanging on pegs:

And here is my new summer hat I bought at a Renaissance Fair last month, next to a basket I bought in Stehekin holding my headbands:

I have other hats, but these are my most fashionable and favorite ones.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I love all of your wigs!!! It makes me want to stop growing my hair out and chop it short again so I can have any type of hair on any given day!!!

Somehow I don't think I'll ever do it though...except for Halloween. :)