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Saturday, August 18


Still working chronologically backwards here. Which means sometime next month I'll get to talking about the first day of school. Before I made it home to Mom's cooking and my adored hats, I had vacation. We visited Denver for Titanic Day, Glacier National Park (including a kayak float down the river during which I did NOT flip over), Grand Coulee dam and surrounding area, and Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan is a 50 mi long lake with a town at one end nestled in the mountains and accessible only by boat or small plane. This means the town doesn't get a cell signal. Doesn't have land lines either. The town has a satellite phone for emergencies. I told Scott the town only had one phone. He thought this meant the town only had one type of phone. Meaning, the town only had landlines. It also had satellite internet, so Scott managed to survive a few days cellphone free. The town exists for tourists who want to come take in natural beauty. I have never been to a resort town before. I always found the idea of hanging out with a bunch of tourists to be a turn-off. Somehow it never occurred to me that a resort town would be full of people ready to take care of everything I need. I know I have to pay them, but still, it makes for a very carefree vacation. We kayaked, mountain biked, swam under a waterfall (see above, this was a waterfall fed by ice melt so it was a little chilly which didn't bother me but that look on Scott's face isn't exactly a smile), and ate really good food. I want to go to a resort town again. I really like having someone take care of absolutely everything for me.

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