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Saturday, January 5

Day at the Zoo

We went to the zoo last Monday and spent almost the entire time in the Oklahoma exhibit. It was built to coincide with the centennial is is very cool. On this particular chilly and windy day, the Oklahoma animals apparently felt right at home because they were up and playing. All except for a black bear that just wanted to get some sleep. He laid down in a little cubby. Another bear came and routed him out and took the cubby. Then he went and laid down on a rock to sunbathe. The other bear came over and bit him on the neck. Some other favorite sights: Two turtles sleeping on top of a coiled snake and a bison trying to scratch the top of his head.

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Jill said...

You brave woman! I'm scared to go to the zoo now with that tiger escape in CA. Did you hear about that?? Two men were killed by the tiger and others were wounded before they could take the tiger out. Scary!!!