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Monday, January 28

Experts Debate Whether Christians & Muslims Can Coexist

Seriously. At the Tulsa Convention Center a debate was held between a Muslim scholar who said yes and a Christian pastor who said no. They had an entire debate on whether people with different ideas about God can possibly manage to leave each other alone. The Christian pastor had such deep thoughts as "If the Quran is the word of God, then why did God reveal it in a language that only 20% of people understand?" and "Muslims don't believe Jesus is the son of God so either the Bible or the Quran is lying." And an audience member had this epiphany: "The debate was an eye-opener...there is nothing wrong about a Muslim befriending a Christian or vice versa." We needed a debate for that?


Megan said...

It's makes me so sad that people actually think they can't be friends with someone of a different religion...I forget sometimes how close minded people can be...

and didn't the pastor stop to think at all about the fact that the Bible is written in a language that few people now speak as well? did he think it was written in English to begin with?

Anil said...

Great, I'm planning ot organize several debates just like that

1. Can Mac and PC users co-exist?
2. Can Canon and Nikon shooters co-exist?
3. Can XBox and PS (1,2,3) users co-exist?
4. Can Hindus (me), Muslims and Christians co-exist?
5. Why does anyone care about whether I go to heaven or hell? Can you not leave me alone?