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Saturday, March 1

Casino Night

I went to Casino Night with Shelley Heath. In the future, I will always go to Casino Night with Shelley Heath. She's hilarious. I lost all my chips but had fun anyway because she was hilarious. Shelley has a lot of attitude but does it so sweetly and matter-of-factly that I think she disarms people. Anyway, I may have won a bit on blackjack, but she was raking in the chips on poker. One hand of Texas Hold 'Em saw 3 9's on the flop. Two people had pairs and thought their full house was in for some winnings. But Shelley had the fourth nine and took their money. The dealer even took a picture of the hand.

I mentioned I lost all my chips. Lest anyone think I lost actual money, let me explain Casino Night. You show up. They take your name and give you chips. If you lose everything, they'll give you more, but only once. You play roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, and eat food for a couple hours. Then you hand your chips back in and they get added to your semester-long balance. At the end of the semester, you use your chips to bid on stuff at an auction. This is my first semester to do Casino Night, but I think I'm hooked. As long as Shelley will keep going with me to make the night extra fun.

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