Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Monday, June 25

Family Resemblance

Scott flies out to visit me on Wednesday morning. If you didn't already know this, you must not have talked to Scott lately. I've heard he has told everyone. But then, he hasn't seen me in nearly 6 weeks, so it isn't surprising he is excited. What is surprising is that he looks something like Murphy does when she feels pathetic and needy. I didn't have picture of Murphy looking pathetic and needy because when she looks that way you better either pet her or run away. The middle ground just won't do. But I think this picture gives an idea of how she expects to be worshiped. Now imagine this little princess is feeling ignored and hurt and you get the idea. And that is what I heard Scott looks like. Poor guy. Unfortunately, I happen to like a man who gets the puppy dog look when he misses me. So long as I don't actually have to put up with the puppy dog look, of course. So I am disinclined to try to make him feel too much better.


Scott said...

Yeah it is so bad I am even telling those I am flying with today.... Well they are closing the doors.

Anonymous said...