Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Thursday, June 21

Looking at the evidence

Today I did a little online research so that I could write a pithy and entertaining post about "Creation Museum." I wanted to write a post because the museum represents $26 million spent insisting in a pseudo-scientific setting that something is true despite all evidence to the contrary and I thought this was rather silly. Unfortunately, while researching the matter, my internet connection kept failing. At first I patiently restarted my computer and repeated my activities when it would fail again. As time went on, I became less patient. The problem was that every time I went to a particular website (which to my relief was a website I could show my husband without embarrassment) the connection failed. Since I wanted to view this website and absolutely could not believe that a website could possibly cause my internet connection to fail, I kept repeating the procedure to visit this site. And my connection kept failing. At some point it occurred to me that if I continued to insist that the website was not causing the connection to fail, I would not only be unable to write a pithy and entertaining post about "Creation Museum" due to the finicky connection, I would actually be hypocritical in continuing to think condescendingly about the matter at all. I promptly gave up, admitted the site was killing my connection, and stopped trying. Now here I am with a everything intact I need to write a pithy and entertaining post: an Internet connection and an ego.


Jill said...

That must have been quite frustrating. Did you throw anything??

Nina said...

No but I pouted like I always do when I'm sick and I don't get my way :)