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Thursday, September 20

Posting (in)Consistency

You may have noticed that most of my posts this semester seem to occur on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. That's because my schedule this semester is as follows:

Sunday: Procrastinate all homework by goofing off, cleaning the house, going to church, whatever.
Monday: Feel somewhat guilty about procrastinating and mollify myself by 'accomplishing' little tasks, like writing in my blog.
Tuesday: Stay up until 1am finishing the Algebra homework that I should have started earlier.
Wednesday: Spend the day recuperating in an Algebra-induced haze.
Thursday: Celebrate recuperation by procrastinating homework and writing on blog. Followed by staying up until 1am finishing the Analysis homework.
Friday: Spend the day recuperating in an Analysis-induced haze. Followed by escaping the sad reality of my life by playing DnD.
Saturday: Prepare to procrastinate in comfort on Sunday by going grocery shopping. Followed by staying up until 1am having fun.

To Scott and Chris: Just in case you didn't think I cared, that link to the definition of mollify is for you two.


Scott said...

Hey I know "mullify"!

Jill said...

You are busy finding things to busy yourself when the things you should be doing are enough to keep you busy...that sounds familiar...

Megan said...

At least you update.... ;)

lunatic core said...

Hobbies = things to waste your time so you won't have time for responsible things.