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Thursday, September 13

Will "Old Friend" please stand up?

Time for a short digression from the adventures of teenage marriage. I learned a lot of lessons when I lost my brothers and, as a result, two of my best friends. I don't have that many friends and the ones I do have I lose track of 20 minutes after they or I move away. I just don't put effort into it and then I feel guilty about it. So it is something I very much want to change. An "old friend" commented on my blog this morning. There are only a few people that old friend could be and at least two of them I have tried to contact in the past year and haven't been able to find. So will old friend please please please email me? My username is ninadawn and I use gmail.


lunatic core said...

Sent. Although I doubt I am who you expect.

- soul.

Jill said...

Who are you calling "old?"