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Monday, September 17

Teenage Marriage, Part IV: Feelings

This isn't really related to being teenagers when we got married. It is more related to the fact that I'm not particularly nice, especially to my husband. And I found a little comic that sums it all up which I just had to post, so I am stretching the series topic a bit to encompass this gem:

I suppose I could change and become sweet and loving. I know Scott wishes I would occasionally. He even asked once. We were on the subway in DC. He was feeling cocky about the fact that I completely failed to notice something very obvious and observed that he can see and hear better than I can. I countered with "Yeah, that's true. But I smell and taste better." He thought this was a little low and asked me to start being sweeter. So I did...for about 20 minutes. I relented when he begged for mercy. I really didn't lay it on very thick. He just can't handle sweet.

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Jill said...

that comic strip is funny.

perhaps you need to carry more sweets around with you...then technically you'd be sweeter to your husband, right?