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Saturday, April 28

Final Exam Study Time

Well, it is 9:26 on Saturday night and I am sitting at the computer in my office, occasionally looking fearfully over at my Topology book on my desk before suddenly remembering one more thing I wanted to look up or check and turning right back to the computer. Obviously, this time "one more thing" was my blog. I got through one month's worth of topology notes earlier today, but there is still another month left. And then working problems. And then memorizing theorems. And then pre-final stressing. That really is the order I do them in. It is good to have a systematic way to study for exams. It keeps you from stressing out the whole time. You just have an appointed time for it.

I noticed the Blog of the Day a few weeks ago and thought it was incredibly funny. So I kept reading it. And it is still funny. So if you like baby-related humor, check it out.

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