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Monday, April 30

Just when I had decided to give up the news...

Well, I know I was determined to give up reading the news a few days ago. But then a DC madame let slip that the US coordinator for AIDS Policy, who supports abstinence and fidelity as the way to prevent the spread of diseases, uses prostitutes. Psychoanalysis of school shooters, news of mall shootings, car bombings, and other news are getting a little tired. Like I could TIVO a few choice hours of news each week and then keep replaying it with new names and places just dubbed in. I never hear anything new. And then people have the same completely inane debates about gun control, Iraq war policy, and...snore...oh, sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, the abstinence-only poster boy hiring prostitutes. Now that is entertainment. So I am back to reading the news.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Its always fun when someone who preaches that 1 thing is absolute sin, is later exposed, as having done the same thing, while preaching up on the moral high ground.

Bill O'Reilly talking about morals, while he's calling up females and talking what I can only describe as trash.

The guy who was among the front row occupiers, baying for Clinton's blood, after the Lewinsky scandal, recently confessing that he was having an extra-marital affair while he was baying for Clinton's blood.

Priests (of several religions) preaching the word of God to believers, and some of them having extra-marital affairs, sex with disciples, altar boys, gigolos. In India, one of the big Hindu saints reportedly treats his female devotees better, and for a reason. Its all messed up.

Any time someone shouts strongly against some "evil", you can be sure, its out of guilt!