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Tuesday, April 24

Pictures I used as part of my final presentation in Chinese class

My presentation was about Chinese character tattoos as sported by Americans. Most of the pictures come from The site is a blog run by a Chinese man living in America totally dedicated to stupid Chinese character tattoos. There are lots of funny or strange stories on the site. There was the guy with a rabbit character on his foot, for good luck (get it, rabbit foot?). And some guy that wanted to know what character meant "slut" so his wife could get it tattooed on her hip. I chose a few favorite categories of wierd character tattoos:

Hollywood-style stupidity:

Justin Timberlake as a drug dealer, an ice skating drug dealer:
Avril Lavigne promoting Hong Kong tour with "Japan's the best" on her arm:

"Professional" stupidity:

They look really bad and some aren't even right (look at page 5):

Chinese character fonts: These fall in two categories. The first is English-language fonts designed to look like Chinese characters. The other is made up of actual Chinese characters, or at least radicals, but randomly assigned to letters.

Psuedo-Chinese Font:
And Actual Chinese Used as English letters:
Resulting in: and

Silly Girls with lower-back advertising space: I guess they were sold out of "Get it Here" t-shirts so these girls went with something more permanent. (bu4 gan3 dang1)

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