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Tuesday, April 24

The Hypocrisy of "The Hypocrisy of..."

I keep telling myself to give up reading the news. It isn't insightful or informative or useful. But I keep going back and running right into pieces like this one by Navarrette. He begins by commenting on the hypocrisy of people who use the "w-word" while complaining about people who use the "w-word". He gives a hint as to what the "w-word" is, but I guess I am really dense because I just couldn't figure out what it was. That is, until he actually quoted the "w-word" that he was criticizing people for using when criticizing others who used it. Yes, this really is as incredibly stupid as it sounds. Here is an example from the column:

In arguing that offensive speech shouldn't be censored, Rich wrote that we should "let Bill O'Reilly talk about 'wetbacks.' ..." That is exactly how Rich wrote it -- wetbacks. So what that he was quoting someone else. That's no excuse. If that someone else had used the long version of the n-word, you had better believe that Rich would never have printed it in his column.

This all goes to illustrate just three things:
1. Navarrette is an idiot.
2. It is plain silly to expect adults to conduct a serious discussion about a word or term without ever using it.
3. I really should stop reading the news.

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Barbara said...

This guy actually used the offensive word in a quote to complain about someone else using it in a quote?!!! That's unbelievable and incredibly bad journalism. I want to believe it is satirical just so that I don't have to deal with the idea that it is a genuine article.