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Tuesday, May 1

Complex Analysis Final

We took our Complex Analysis final exam this morning. It was a lot like the mid-term. To whit, three perfectly reasonable questions taking a toal of about 15 minutes, leaving us with over an hour to beat our heads against the brick wall that was the remaining two problems. During the mid-term, we alternately stared at the two awful problems and wrote down random equations and theorems that we had no idea how to use. Somehow this got us 50% credit on those problems. During the final, we alternately scribbled frantically at the last two problems, which had a total of 11 parts, and stared in utter defeat. In the middle of this frantic scribbling / emotional collapse, the professor decided to explain the definition of the word cusp. Not the mathematical term, mind you, that was written on the test. No, he was explaining the meaning of the word in everyday usage. And he was explaining it badly! Something about a bird beak, which I guess is a perfectly okay since a cusp is a point of change, like say in direction. But why interrupt our frantic scribbles for ramblings about a bird beak?

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