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Saturday, May 19

Updates and errata

I woke up this morning with only one sore spot that Daddy thinks was caused by the one time I tripped and fell yesterday. Which means I am either in better shape than I thought or an incredibly whiney whimp. Maybe both.

Yesterday I stopped for a bathroom break at a little roadside attraction, the kind with kitschy souvenirs and some minor claim to fame trumpeted in five foot high letters. There was a woman standing in the doorway. I gave her a look and she said she was holding the door open to let in light for her daughter because the light wasn't working. Okkey dokey. So I go into a stall. While I am in there, the daughter finshes and the lady leaves. Maybe I am a little picky, but I thought that was rude. I mean, I hadn't been long. Another few seconds and I would've been out of the stall. So I was stuck feeling my way to the sink. It occurred to me that this woman may have been rude and stupid. So I felt my way to the lightswitch instead and turned on the lights. Yes, also stupid. The lightswitch was wired backwards to down was on. Apparently she had looked at the up-flipped switch and figured it didn't work without bothering to try it.

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Jill said...

ha ha! What fun bathroom humor!