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Thursday, May 24

Enlarging my view of the world

Every time I move, I get a bigger view of the world. When I lived in Redmond, WA I learned that anarchists organize bus trips and vegans aren't just some subset of Hollywood celebrities and PETA people. Oh, and I am really not liberal. I just look liberal in Oklahoma. In Maryland I learned about spies and handicapped people. Yes a little random, but I worked with a lot of blind or deaf people and learned more about systems they use to work. Now I am learning about naive Mormon girls.

A friend once tried explaining to me why BYU is sometimes called Breed 'Em Young University. He met many girls with only one goal for their college career: marriage by the time they were 21. I didn't actually believe him. It sounds so 50's. And I never met any such girls so they must not really exist. At least this is how I felt. Now I have a housemate who is heading off to BYU-Idaho with one overarching goal: marriage by the time she is 21. It was 19, but she had to adjust it when that birthday came and went. That leaves me, being married nearly 7 years, and the landlady, being divorced about as long, to stare in amazement whenever this girl talks about marriage. This is a whole new experience for me.

Oh, and another new experience for me today: bicycle polo. It is apparently so big at Battelle that some players bring extra bikes for newcomers like me to play.

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