Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Thursday, May 10

Plump, juicy, and really really stupid

As I stared at my computer screen contemplating what to write about today, a racket began in the backyard. The chickens were all standing in their pen clucking in fear. I scanned the pen. Nothing in there. I scanned the yard. Nothing in there. A little movement, then I saw it crouched in the tall grass outside the fence: a kitty cat. The clucking and agitated little chickens are perfectly safe in their pen and even if they weren't, they are a mere two steps and hop from being inside their coop where the kitty won't even be able to look at their plump, juicy bods. Instead they stand in the only part of the pen where the kitty can watch them strut back and forth, clucking the whole time as though the world were ending. I can't decide if the chickens were really scared or just teasing the cat. Like this.

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