Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Monday, May 7

And the almost-perfect wireless headphone awards go to....

I finally found a pair of wireless headphones to pair with my very sweet phone and 2 gigs of space for music. As I bob my head to some Terri Clark blasting out my eardrums, I feel I should reflect on all the little headphones that got me here. There were the ones with two hour battery life (Radioshack's Spyder), the ones with the kind of static you expect on a country radio station you picked up in northern Montana (Southwing), the ones that poked into my ears with little plastic buds and kept making me feel like someone was trying to give me a wet willy (MotoRokr S9), and, finally, the ones that pressed my ears against my skull like a vise (StereoMoto). After trying each of them out and enduring many trips to the store to return and buy and...oh wait, Scott actually did all that work for me. Okay, so after trying each of them out, I settled on the wiREVO which is not-quite-but-very-close-to perfect.

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