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Sunday, May 6

Getting analyzed over dinner

Last Thursday morning at 7am, I turned in the last of my work for the semester. Thursday night, my office-mate, Naomi, finished the last of her grading for the semester. So on Friday we had fun. We decided to go to Woolaroc and I invited a couple of men to go with us so we wouldn't have to drive. One of those men was my husband and the other, Chris, happened to have a degree in marriage counseling. So it was that I found my personality and marriage being lightly analyzed over Lo Mein and fortune cookies. Not that Chris said anything I didn't already know, though I didn't know all the fancy-schmancy vocabulary. For example, he said Scott took a caretaker role in our marriage, meaning he did lots of stuff for me (Chris said it sooo much better though). Several months ago, Barbara, who is much more romantic and sweet to her fiancee than I ever was to mine, mentioned the fact that Scott does so much stuff for me. As I told her: "He likes to do things for me and I like to let him." So I learned a new word "caretaker" to assign to Scott, but I didn't really learn anything new about the way we relate.

Just when I thought the analysis was over, Chris said Scott and I were "well-matched." Which I totally knew, but it was so nice to hear! Especially since there have definitely been moments in the past seven years when I wondered why in the world I wanted to be married to anyone ever. In fact it was like the time I got a psych-exam for my security clearance, about the same time I was considering grad school in mathematics. The psychiatrist said "Congratulations, you're sane. But you probably already knew that." Of course I knew that. But I still liked to hear it from someone else. Especially since I was feeling a absolutely intimated trying to figure out what to do with myself after college. What does it mean that I actually chose to go back to college? Well, whatever happens now, at least I still have that piece of paper that says I am not off my rocker. No matter what I sounded like at 7am Thursday morning after 11 continuous hours of Algebraic Geometry.

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