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Tuesday, May 8

Set, the fall-back game

Scott and Chris and I have been playing Sonic (the Wii game) at least once a week for several months. Then along come Brad, who in his first two nights of playing set two records. This is somehow very humiliating. I pulled out Set, a favorite game among math grad students, so I could stomp on someone and feel better. And I did proceed to stomp on everyone. The second game didn't go so well, but I felt better anyway. In fact, Set has become the game I use to remind myself that I am not a total waste of carbon-based molecules. During a fall break trip with some other mathies, we learned that Juhyung, who is very good at math, is really terrible at playing Set. He now refuses to play at all. But anytime we are working on a homework assignment that we just can't get and Juhyung is getting it and saying it isn't too bad, we can just suggest a game of Set to retaliate.

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Jill said...

Yeah, SET. I recently played that game here with a family. Half of the family was good at it & loved the game while the other half didn't do so well and, therefore, didn't like the game. I assumed my calculus-loving husband would be much better at it than I would be, but lo & behold--I did awesome. I guess those who aren't necessarily skilled at math can play set & win. ;)