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Wednesday, May 16

My Favorite Compliment

You know those jokes in grade school that revolve around a demonstration of a superior vocabulary? Like "Your epidermis is showing!" I never had trouble because I have always had a fairly good vocabulary. Which is why I was caught completely off-guard when someone called my husband and I a "diphthong". I froze while my mind considered whether to be affronted to pleased. I finally settled keeping my expression frozen while I asked what a "diphthong" is. Any foreign speaker probably already knows this, but a diphthong is where two vowel sounds come together to create a new sound. Like in house or tow or join. Basically, we had just gotten the best compliment a marriage could get. And I suspect someone enjoyed delivering a wonderful compliment and one-upping our vocabulary simultaneously.

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Jill said...

Yes, diphthongs are something I had to study in my vocal training, it's very important to be on the correct vowel while sustaining a note. I'm sure you were curious to know all this...