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Friday, May 18

Biological schedule

Sometimes we just can't keep to the schedule our bodies want for us. We drove to Moab today. On the way we passed through a town about 50 miles from Moab. I decided not to stop for a bathroom break and lunch because we were so close. Two hours and lots of construction delays later, I was simultaneously dealing with a bursting bladder and a ravenous tummy. After getting to Moab and dealing with those minor issues, we went to Arches. Wow. We went on a little three mile hike to Delicate Arch. If only it hadn't been vertical. So I exaggerate. Still, a lot of climbing, but absolutely beautiful. Now exhausted, I expect to sleep very soundly until I awake screaming with a leg cramp.

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Scott said...

Try not to scare your Dad too much when you wake up with that cramp. I wish I was there to help make you feel better. Sleep well.