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Tuesday, May 8

Post-Semester, Pre-Move Funk

I awoke this morning to the sound of yet more rain drenching my already soggy yard. The weather proved prophetic. I spent the entire day in a sort of antsy yet dreary funk. I think it was induced by post-semester ennui mixed with growing dread of moving away from my husband and friends for three months. I walked back and forth in the house before deciding to go to school. Where I alternately sat at the computer and moved to my desk in a vain attempt to focus on 2-cell embeddings of graphs, whatever those are. I went back home where I proceeded to pace again until Scott came home, whereupon I gave him a hug and a kiss and started up again. After dinner, Scott and Chris played Wii while I sat on a floor pillow contemplating my funk. Chris gallantly offered to play all of my favorite games, which didn't really make a dent in my self-absorbed funkish musings. Then he and Scott tried talking to me. But the subject kept coming back to death and carnage. Not really the way to end a funk. Then, being the brilliant and wonderful friend that he is, Chris suggested we look at computer games that we can all play online while I am gone so I won't feel abandoned (although, everyone else has better grounds for feeling abandoned since I am technically the one leaving, but that wasn't really entering into my funk contemplation right then). So we went to Wal-Mart where we looked at games and played with toys and browsed through completely useless stuff in the clearance aisle. And I contemplated what great friends I have instead of my funk. So a very nice evening. Eventually.

p.s. I proofread my post before remembering that I tend to get wordy during a funk. Sorry bout that.

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