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Monday, May 28

Memorial Day

Mom and Dad went to visit the boys' graves today. For those of you who don't know, people put little flags up at the grave markers of people who served in the military every Memorial Day. Since one of my brothers was in the Navy he gets a flag, while my other brother who wasn't in the Navy does not get a flag. However, either someone didn't realize Robbie wasn't in the military (he has a military style headstone to match Zac's) or they figured a flag for everyone would forestall any heavenly style sibling rivalry, because Zac and Robbie each got a Memorial Day flag this year. I did not get to go to visit my brothers today since I am still five states away, so I joined the Memorial Day tradition here, and took a few pictures to share. All of these flags were donated by families of deceased veterans and each flagpole bears the veteran's name. The cemetery is absolutely beautiful with roses and relief sculptures and statues. A small rose garden had four statues at the NW, NE, SW, SE compass points. Flags were arranged lining little avenues heading out from the rose garden at the N, E, S, W compass points. The symmetry warmed my little mathematician's heart but I couldn't get a picture of it so I settled on a little video to show it.

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