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Monday, December 4

DHS & Chinese

I have a fellowship from the Department of Homeland Security. Don't get me wrong here. I love this fellowship and the DHS people are great. I am just a little annoyed. I am studying Chinese right now. China is a sensitive country. I know math people at DHS don't need to know a huge amount about the culture of the target countries. I mean, they do math. But I still think it is good for "people who think deep thoughts in their ivory tower" (to quote a national lab representative's description of DHS mathematicians) to have some knowledge of the culture. I have this theory, right or wrong, that it contributes to better solutions. But since FLL 1000: Chinese I doesn't count towards a PhD in Math, DHS won't cover it. Which is okay. The instructor said I can audit the course. I am annoyed that they waited until late November to tell me and now I owe tuition and fees for a five-hour course. That is $977! Right before Christmas! Ack!

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Jill said...

That really stinks! You shouldn't be responsible for paying something you didn't know about previous to the semester. :(