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Tuesday, December 19

Mexican Tea

January's tea will have a Mexican theme. So I am considering:
1. Agua de Jamaica, a sweet cold drink made from dried hibiscus ("Jamaica") flowers
2. Mexican hot chocolate, a bitter hot chocolate spiced with vanilla
3. Horchata, a rice and almond milk (no actual milk) with cinnamon and lime
4. Tepache, a spiced pineapple juice
5. Rompope, Mexican eggnog
6. Limeade

Aside from the hot chocolate, these are all cold drinks. And it is January, but the other hot drinks I considered are thick and not really tea-ish. So I definitely want to do the hot chocolate. Which means I need to pick 3 of the remaining 5. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Anil Raghavan said...

Stick with Limeade :-)