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Sunday, December 3


It is official: I am using this blog to not study. I have a topology exam tomorrow and DiffE hw due, and yet here I am typing away. For those of you who don't know, DiffE is math for engineers and so it is boring. Topologists, on the other hand, are like the gypsies of the math world. Everything is a little mystical and wild, including most of the topologists. So topology is a lot more fun.


Jill said...

Hm, maybe you are part gypsy? Yeah, those engineers...not much liveliness from what I can see. *wink*

Anil Raghavan said...

Hey Nina. Good luck with your blog. I've bookmarked it, and intend to check it out frequently. Nice pics of you guys, and Jessy and Murphy. BTW, I don't have an account here, so am posting as "Anonymous", but this is Anil.

Anonymous said...

What the bloody Heck... Engineering math is boring?!?

Love Ben