Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Tuesday, December 12


So I have been busy finding new and creative ways to avoid studying. Oh, and of course, as a result, I just failed a final exam :). I read a book, watched a movie I didn't even like (and I knew I didn't like within 15 minutes), hung out with my husband, etc. There is something about studying for the "unknown" that just takes all the fun out of it. I can work on a problem for hours. At 2am I might get a little crabby, but generally it's okay. But studying for an exam is just boring. No problems to solve, just guessing about problems to solve. But even so, avoiding the task isn't helping me to pass my courses. I insisted I wanted to actually improve, to DO something about my faults. But I lied. I DON'T want to do better (I typed that in the whiniest 'voice' I could muster). I like finding ways to avoid studying. Well, no I don't. It makes me feel guilty. But I don't want to study instead. I just want to stop feeling guilty about it. What do I do?

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