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Sunday, January 21

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

My first experience with a chocolate fountain was at a wedding. I squealed in delight and began hogging the fountain in my zeal to dip every type of foodstuff provided. I realized those fountains would make for an unforgettable and ridiculously easy Sunday afternoon tea. Then those little fountains started popping up everywhere. You can get one at Wal-Mart for under $30. I decided to get one and considered where I would put it. Then I recalled where I had piled my juicer, citrus juicer, ice tea maker, waffle maker, lemonade maker, George Foreman grill, sandwich grill, rice cooker, crock pot, dehydrator, electric wok, ice cream maker, popcorn machine, and deep fryer. I am not going to buy a chocolate fondue fountain.

Luckily, a friend got a chocolate fountain the same way I got most of my aformentioned appliances: Christmas. Now I can, free of charge, use a chocolate fountain whenever the mood strikes me and then return it, with some leftover treats, to its grateful owner for storage. If only I could do this with my husband...

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