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Friday, January 19

? Storm, Day ?

Today and yesterday were above freezing. But tonight is to see snow again. So do I call this Snow Storm, Day 1 or Ice Storm, Day 8? Since the ice on the gound has been continuous it seems silly to create a break between the counts. However, the last two days have provided opportunities to go to the grocery store, etc. So the dogs may survive this storm with their remaining legs. So perhaps the ability to go to a store justifies a restart on the count.

I am looking forward to the snow. I believe everyone in Stillwater has slipped and fallen on the ice at least twice. The snow should help prevent falls, and if it doesn't, it should cushion the impact. Then we can stop walking in a shuffling little step with our arms out for balance.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, look forward to the snow, you low-temperature-loving people! Grrrr.