Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Tuesday, January 16


We had two homeworks assigned before the ice storm. We all spent three and a half days during the storm with no school and nowhere to go. The results: My officemate Naomi did 2 problems. I did 1 problem. And our friend Barbara did part of a problem. Later this week, we will all have many things we could go and do but instead we will be stuck in our offices finishing the homework.

It's like when you are 11 yrs old and sitting at home bored and your dad tells you that if you are bored you can help with laundry/yard work/etc. Or maybe just my dad always did that. Which begs the obvious question: Why didn't I learn this lesson back when I was 11? I mean, I knew what the results of procrastinating would be. And if we got a few days off again I would use the opportunity to not study again. So perhaps the real question should be: Why do I absolutely refuse to learn this particularly lesson?

And, of course, the real answer is that I enjoy playing too much to give up an opportunity to indulge. Like chocolate.

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