Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Tuesday, January 9


Scott went to work yesterday morning. He came home this morning, about 26 hrs later. He was back at work before noon. And then he went home about 4:30 and he was just called back in. Poor guy. I whine with my office-mate about staying up until 2am doing homework, but then I turn it in and take a nap in the office the next day. It ends.

Well, enough about his trouble. Now about mine. Our assistant department head assigns TAs to teach various courses without consulting their class schedules. Then, when conflicts inevitably arise, he tells them to work it out or drop their courses. No one wants to drop their courses, that is why we are here! So we try to work it out instead. This semester was particularly bad. There were multiple conflicts involving quite a few people and no good solution could be found. So a workable, but not good, solution was adopted. Now a number of faculty and grad students are upset with each other. Which is frustrating. Even more frustrating is the fact that not everyone seems to understand that others are upset, but no one wants to try to talk to each other about it because that is difficult and tricky.


Jill said...

Yikes! Communication seems necessary in this situation...but then, that's always been the case. I hope you can work it out!

Anil said...

Scott, Nabou, Todd & I were actually partying at SST. Did he tell you we were working? Sheesh .. the nerve of that guy. We were having fun!

Scott said...

Very funny Anil. Now she will never let me out late ;)