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Tuesday, March 6


I hang out with people I like pretty much all day, every day. There are very few grad students and professors I don't like and I don't see them often since they tend to be on the applied side of math rather than pure. So I am awfully spoiled by the time I go to Chinese class at 3:30 each day and spend an entire hour with some rather silly undergrads. Most of them are okay, a few are cool, and the rest are just awful. One boy talks to much, is really annoying, and thinks we are buddies or something. At least he always waits for me or runs to catch up so we can walk together after class. Sometimes I try going a longer way to avoid him, but then I am annoyed with him for making me go the long way, so I might as well just be annoyed with him for what he says.

Today, however, marked a new low. He started complaining about his math instructor, another grad student, to me. Once I got over my shock that he was complaining to me about people in my department, I heard what he was actually saying and almost started laughing at him. Instead I lectured him on how he was just an undergrad and his opinion of how math ought to be taught wasn't particularly relevant. My favorite quote: "I guess he does theoretical stuff cuz he doesn't know how to do real math. He doesn't even know how to use a calculator."

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