Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Friday, March 30

My Fingers are Wrinkling

It has been pouring buckets for something like 4 days now. Boomer Lake has probably risen 2 ft. I feel like my fingers are going to start pruning every time I walk out of my house. But it is just a general sort of sogginess. The kind where everyone stays off the grass because they'll start sinking into the mud. And you start considering how best to holster an umbrella by your hip. For Naomi, however, it's personal. She walks out of her apartment and it starts raining. She gets in the car and it stops. She gets to the store and it starts again before she gets out of the car. And so on. There have also been a lot of tornadoes and one lightning bolt struck so close to our house that when I heard the clap of thunder I thought something had run into our house. Like the house shook that much. I am grateful for the rain of course seeing as how we've been suffering through a drought. But really, could we maybe space this out a little?

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