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Friday, March 2

I Have Topics! Thanks Boone!

Try as I might, yesterday I couldn't think of anything witty, interesting, or entertaining to write about. Then today, like manna from heaven, came blog topics.

The first is OSU's new fundraising program, the brainchild of T. Boone Pickens. You can read about it here, but basically OSU's athletic program took out life insurance policies on its oldest (literally) fans. It will cost $20 million in premiums and will pay, assuming everyone dies, $250 million for a grand total of $230 million. I'm not familiar with all the ins and outs of the insurance industry, which is maybe why this idea sounds like it came by email from some orphaned heiress in Nigeria. But assuming it does actually work out this way, I guess it's a brilliant idea. At least on paper. The part that strikes me as weird is the part where someone said "Hey Joe, we'd like to get a life insurance policy on you because you look like you're about to kick the bucket and we need money. D'you mind peeing into this cup?" And what new etiquette does this introduce? For example, is it appropriate for the football coach to ask an insured fan how he's been feeling lately or does that sound greedy? Should insured fans get higher cholesterol catering menus in the skybox? Maybe ranch-dipped chicken wings aren't enough. Are they permitted to use crosswalks on game day or do they have to run for it? But perhaps that biggest question is, do I have any rich old friends and will they pee in a cup for me?

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