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Thursday, March 29

Looking into the crystal ball...

Well, presidential campaigns are really going. Hilary, Obama, Guiliani, and McCain are all over the news. Great, so I should consider their positions and who to vote for. Wait. What's that you say? We don't even vote in the primary for almost another year?!? Why do candidates do this to us and to themselves? I have a prediction to make. Hilary, Obama, Guiliani, and McCain will all lose in the primaries. By the time the primaries comes around, we will be so sick of them that we will vote for someone else just to get them off the TV. So who else is there to vote for? I mean no one seems to be talking about anyone else. But primaries are a bit like Baskin-Robbin's 31 flavors. There are colorful posters about the cotton candy and Ghostbusters flavors for the kids. But or those of us who want some flavor instead of a flashy look and a name, there are still a bunch of choices. So I am making some predictions. I am hoping for a 60% accuracy rate.

On the Republican side here are candidates and predictions:
- Brownback: Says something incredibly stupid on tape sometime before the first ballot is cast and quits before Oklahoma's primary.
- Gingrich: Are you kidding? No way. He admitted (10 years late) to having affairs during his first marriage and while publicly crucifying Bill Clinton. Oh and there were ethics charges following his resignation from the House.
- Fred Thompson: Charismatic and conservative. Most likely to win primary.
- Mitt Romney: Charismatic and conservative and Mormon. The best Republican candidate, but still. Almost likely to win primary.
- Chuck Hagel: Makes a respectable, but ultimately inadequate, showing in the primaries.

And on the Democratic side:
- Dodd: Loses early and badly.
- Edwards: Almost likely to win primary.
- Richardson: Most likely to win primary (this is probably wishful thinking, since I think he is the best candidate).
- Al Gore: Despite speculation, he doesn't even run.
- Wesley Clark: hmmm...this is a tough one. I think he plays like Chuck Hagel.

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