Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Tuesday, March 13

Talking Smack

A friend came over for dinner tonight and we played Wii. He brought his remote so we could all play at once. We hit each other with fists, bullets, machetes, and spiked balls on chains. We pushed each other off waterfalls and generally tried to defeat each other in the most absolute and humiliating terms possible. There is something so very satisfying about mutilating someone else's avatar. In fact, after Scott's avatar was dead, Chris jumped right on top of it and shot it up some more. It just wasted ammo, but it was fun anyway. Of course, with all of the mutilating going around, came the smack talking. We were all the best and everyone else was winning by luck or whatever. I have found talking smack to be an integral part of games. Without it, the games just aren't as fun. Winning isn't as fun if you weren't cocky about it the whole time and losing isn't as fun if you haven't built yourself up for a great fall. It's essential.

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