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Monday, March 26

Not so much an impression as a gaping hole...

Our Complex Analysis professor told us that even though the class is only 75 minutes long, he wanted to give us as much time as possible for the exam. Which we usually need since he writes unreasonably long exams. So he said we wouldn't have to leave until Naomi (another student who teaches a class right after Complex) had to leave. So I figure we can probably squeeze 10 extra minutes in. Worried about whether this would be enough, Naomi emailed the professor to ask if we should move the exam time to the evening to avoid running short on time.

He responded by insisting that he had always intended to give us only 75 minutes and any 'impressions' to the contrary were unintended. Impressions? No, I don't think so. They weren't impressions. He actually said this stuff.

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