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Thursday, October 18

Birthday Week

Birthday Week has officially begun. This is the week that my brothers and I were born, though in different years. When we were children this week brought a birthday party complete with costumes and a ghost shaped cake with flaming eyes. It also signaled the start of the holidays. We knew that right after our birthdays came Halloween then Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's. What's more, this week is the start of the best harvest has to offer: pumpkins, pomegranates, pecans...It's no wonder that fall is my favorite time of year. This week still brings birthday gifts: my mom gave me a box of teas for my office, my mother-in-law gave me earrings, and my husband found a game I've been wanting that was out of production. And it still heralds the beginning of the holiday season. In fact, as an OSU student I get to add one more holiday to the list: Homecoming. Around here, it's a pretty major holiday with a carnival, parade, street painting, house decorations, lights, the works. As an added bonus, the colors conveniently coordinate with Halloween. And this week still brings a bounty of pumpkins, pomegranates, and pecans. Despite all the similarities, Birthday Week feels different than it used to. When my brothers died, they left a bittersweet taste on my favorite week. I still love autumn. And I still love kicking off the holiday season. Just not in the carefree way I once did. Today is Zac's birthday. One week from today is Robbie's. So I'll celebrate my birthday one day in the middle like I always have with cake and music and fun and games. But I'll celebrate my brothers' birthdays all week in a quieter way. And somehow, despite the pain of remembering them, I love Birthday Week even more today than I did as a child.


Anonymous said...


I've been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks. I really enjoy reading what you have to say...I can almost hear you saying it out loud. Love words. I, too, love math, thought I don't think as much as you do.

Remembering you in your time of celebration and sadness. I wish I could relate, but I've only lost grandparents and one uncle. That's different than brothers, or sisters for any reading who might have them. I know you're already doing this, so indulge me in letting me say the following: rejoice that they lived, that they touched your life, and reflect on their passing and how you have changed because of it.

I often reflect, this time of year, that it was about now a few years ago that my worst depression set in. It almost cost me my life. I felt totally alone. Most people at church ignored me. My friends, though concerned, did not know how to help me. The same from my family. Mostly I avoided people. I thought that was easier. But I also have to remember that I survived. That's the most important part, other that what I learned about myself. Such as how to take care of myself. That's the joy and alive-ness (is that a word?) that I have in this autumn season. And, sadly, I'm growing older and wiser. Along with the excitement of the coming holiday season. Celebrate living. I suppose that's what I'm trying to say. Keep up the interesting posts.

KC (yes, the music one)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day!

Long time reader, first time commenter!

lunatic core said...

what game?

Nina said...

Ah games. Video, board, card, roleplaying, etc. I love them all.