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Friday, October 19

Homecoming (Presented by Freshmen Peons)

It's America's Greatest Homecoming and it's in full force. There are orange lights around Theta Pond. The library fountain is dyed orange. The street is painted. The houses on Greek Row are even now receiving the finishing touches before the crowds start coming. In front of each house is a massive steel structure covered in pomped chicken wire depicting some conception of the theme "An Orange State of Mind". Soon the stereos and dance areas, the food vendors and traffic blockades will be out and the carnival known as "Walkaround" will start. Tomorrow morning more pomped chicken wire, this time on floats, will parade down Main Street. I think there's even a football game sometime tomorrow. You get the picture, it's a party. And while enjoying the party, we don't want to forget the people that made it happen. There are a lot of Greek freshmen out there who stayed up many nights the past few weeks building house decs by sticking little bits of colored tissue paper through holes in chicken wire and welding together those steel structures. And many Greek freshmen put together the Harvest Carnival games earlier this week and then spent the entire evening with a bunch of kids who had just eaten too much sugar. And many of those same Greek freshmen are going to spend tonight finishing floats for tomorrow's parade. Yes, there are a lot of Greek freshmen out there failing their courses. But who am I to care? Let's start the party!

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If you can't beat 'em...