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Thursday, October 25

Guilty by Association

I like to class things together. This is perfectly reasonable. I can't go read every blog out there in the 'sphere. So I rely on the recommendations of other bloggers out there with a proven track record of good taste. This classification system is riddled with false negatives however. Some example classes:

1. Every Batman movie since 1990 (Batman Forever, Batman Return, Batman & Robin) was really awful. Therefore any new Batman movie will be awful.
2. My high school roommate stays up late giggling annoyingly at a children's book. Therefore, the book must be annoying too.
3. This guy I lived with in Maryland for a summer a few years ago watched competitions. This is okay when its basketball. When those games are over and we're left watching competitive bass fishing and bowling, I get bored. He loved watching Ken Jennings win at Jeopardy. Therefore, Ken Jennings is boring.

The false negatives:

1. Batman Begins was a good movie. And Christian Bale is hot.
2. That book was Harry Potter. A really good book.
3. Ken Jennings is actually hilarious. He even has his own blog where he posts puzzles. If you are looking to waste a few minutes (and if you aren't, why are you here?), go check it out.


Barbara said...

I agree completely about Christian Bale. Also, I thought Batman and Robin was very good too...

Nina said...

On Batman & Robin: gives it a 12% so I think the critics back me up here. On the other hand, my Dad probably agrees with you since he ALWAYS likes the movies I don't. I'll call it a draw. :)

Barbara said...

I never pay attention to the critics. I like to judge for myself whether I like a movie...but if you don't like the movie, okay. At least we agree about Christian Bale.