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Saturday, October 20


There's no doubt the Cowboys won tonight. The scoreboard says so.
-Radio announcer on the outcome of the Homecoming game

The Homecoming game turned into a nail biter. The Kansas State Wildcats scored a touchdown and 2-pt conversion to bring them ahead by 1 pt with a 1:10 left in the game. Then OSU ran down the field and got a field goal which put them 2 pts ahead with 0:02 left in the game. Kansas State was out of timeouts and the clock ran down before they could pull off a field goal of their own. (Note: I don't watch football. I don't actually know what a 2-pt conversion is. Scott told me what was going on.)

Walkaround also rocked. I thought four of the decs were pretty cool. Here are a few photos.

From the Price is Right dec:

From the Rock n Roll dec, where my mom saw a long, thin, brown cylinder that was tapered at one end and lying in front of a tie-dyed panel and wondered why there was a roll of carpet:

From the Charlie Brown dec, a classic comic:

From the Everday dec, my favorite for design:

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