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Sunday, October 7

Food Safety

Saturday morning we sat through a gauntlet of panels discussing the role of DHS "Centers of Excellence", which are collections of research groups at various universities tasked with doing research on a particular security issue. In one particular case, food safety. It turns out that the government has found documentation indicating that certain terrorists groups are considering how to poison or disrupt the US food supply. We watched a FOX News story that discussed this threat. And what video did they play while they discussed the food supply? Masked men, presumably al-Qaeda, shooting and blowing things up. It doesn't really connect, but it looks scary, so they ran with it. Considering the topic, I don't think scare tactics were really necessary. It turns out there are lots of easy ways to poison people using food and tracing the contamination is really difficult. As the speaker said "Urine, blood, and water are really cool to work with. Try lettuce." I have a renewed dedication to developing my food storage.

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lunatic core said...

Fear is the real contamination. We do it to ourselves.