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Saturday, October 20

Trust in Marriage

We have some cash leftover from the Fall Break road trip that Scott was planning to put back into our credit union account. Since I was planning to be right by the campus branch yesterday, I offered to take the money by for him. He declined the offer, "I don't mind doing it.". I insisted, "I'll be in the Student Union anyway, it's no trouble." He declined again. It turns out he doesn't trust me to get the cash from the house to credit union. He's afraid the money will wind up a crumpled wad of cash at the bottom of my backpack where it will rot for the next year until I clean my bag. Or maybe it will wind up going through the wash in my jeans pocket. Or it'll get stuck in a pile of "I'll get to that next week" paperwork where it will remain until the pile gets too unwieldy to contemplate and I throw the whole thing out. His worry isn't without foundation. Random bills have not infrequently been found at all those locations. So it appears we have a legitimate trust issue in our marriage. In the grand scale of marriage issues I don't think it's a big deal. I mentioned before that I am going as Wilhelmina Harker for Halloween. I left out that Scott is going as Dracula. Now what kind of marriage issues does that imply?

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Jill said...

I like Winona Ryder...