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Thursday, February 21

Epsilon Extra Credit

I found an error in my Real Analysis book. That maybe deserves some extra credit right? Except that it was a vocabulary error. Somebody used a big fancy word. And he used it incorrectly. I think. Anyway, I asked for extra credit for finding an error. The professor awarded me epsilon extra points. If that doesn't sound mean to you, find a nerd and ask them what it means.


Jill said...

Are you a nerd? Could YOU explain it to me?

Jenmomof4 said...

I'm with Jill, you will have to explain it to me too!

Nina said...

I thought Tyler was a nerd too! Maybe just not the right kind of nerd. Well, many a proof in mathematics starts with the phrase: "Let epsilon be greater than zero." In symbols it's "Let E > 0". It means something small, like .1 or .01 or .001 etc. Epsilon is the Greek letter that is always used when you want an arbitrarily small number. It is NEVER used for big numbers. NEVER. No idea why. That's just how we do it. So epsilon bonus points are insignificant.

Nina said...

Thanks for visiting and for the comment! We liberal Ninas need to stick together.

However, you'd be the Smart Nina.

All that math hurts my brain. You'd have to dumb it waaayy down.