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Monday, February 11

Helping with Homework

Another grad student in my department is taking General Topology. She's a native English speaker and of the students round here who love topology, I have the best English. Maybe this is because I am the only native speaker among the topology students, but I have to take what accomplishments I can claim. Also, I had the same professor with the same book and the same homework when I took it. So I have all the answers. Some right answers and some wrong answers, but all graded at least. So she stops by to ask me for help sometimes. I don't mind since I definitely prefer working topology problems to finishing my Real Analysis homework. It's just that I totally suck at helping anyone with homework. I'm like "Yeah, you just use little x maps to x cross x and then show that's continuous - Is it continuous? Yeah definitely. Anyway, then compose that function, call it phi, with F and then that's g. But g isn't continuous so F can't be either. See?" And of course, she doesn't see. I was practically talking to myself. This is why math ed is it's own separate discipline.

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Jill said...

That sounds very familiar...I thought it was only engineers who cannot teach...