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Wednesday, February 13

Yeah! Songs about a boring life!

I've been listening to music while doing studying for an exam. And I listened to song after song with great beats and catchy hooks and lyrics about breakups and drowning sorrow in tequila and cheating and generally not fun stuff. It's not that I'm gonna stop listening to Terri Clark sing I could say I'm sorry, but I'd be lyin'. I like songs about dumping men in the most humiliating way possible while rocking to a good beat as much as the next girl. But after awhile, it started getting a little sad. I guess I can only handle so many broken lives in a 30 minute period. Then some different songs came up in the queue: Kiss Me, When Boy Meets Girl, No Fear, Life Goes On. Songs that sort of sound like my boring and perfectly happy life. And suddenly my mood improved.

Maybe there's a connection here that I should explore...Well, here goes Shelly Fairchild crooning You Don't Lie Here Anymore. I better stop before this post gets me started on a useful train of thought.

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