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Monday, February 18

Really Boring Real Analysis

I have a Real Analysis exam on Friday. Analysis is not exactly my favorite area of math. I think it's kinda dry and boring. And my current professor has such a rapid fire, deadpan lecture style, that even as we pass by the cool parts I manage to register nothing more than "Huh? What? Oh...I think that somewhere in that theorem is a really interesting idea...Wait a minute! What was I thinking again? Oh well, never mind. I wonder what is going to happen next on Order of the Stick..." The book is dry too: "We begin with a technical lemma that is of interest in its own right." It's better if you read it in a stuffy rich people country-club accent. Like the one for that escargot joke in the Eddie Murphy-Dan Akroyd movie Trading Places. Anyway, the point is it's dry and boring. So I just spent 15 minutes arguing with Scott about whether something should take 120 minutes or 124 minutes, futilely practicing twirling a pen around my thumb like some people used to do at my high school because it looked cool, and throwing a dusty chalky eraser at Scott and then frantically trying to protect all of my clothes from retribution. When I tell you it was the most fun I've had tonight, you'll understand just how painful studying Real Analysis really is.

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Jill said...

You are so funny, Nina. Did Scott get you back?